Fellowship Groups


fellowship groups



Some of the most fruitful times of growth in our lives happen in the context of relationships with other people. Three times a month we gather in our Fellowship Groups where we pray and care for one another. We also discuss and apply teachings from a recent worship service. Whether you are a millennial or senior adult, single or married, our fellowship groups are here to help facilitate your spiritual growth in Jesus.

It's Personal

For us, spending time with each other in an informal space, like a living room, is vital to us personally and as a church.

The first part of our fellowship group time is all about  face time. From small talk about our favorite teams or our favorite show on Netflix to more substantive conversations about important matters of life, we desire to demonstrate genuine concern and care for one another. This happens naturally when we listen to and talk with one another.

It's Men and Women

One Saturday a month, we gather together for Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies. Each of these studies begins with praise reports and prayer requests. For our studies, we typically cover an entire chapter or book of the Bible over a few meetings. We do this by taking the text apart word by word and discussing it with the group.

If you are interested in making new and lasting friendships, deepening your relationship with Christ, and reaching out to others around you…you need to join one of our Bible studies. Check our Calendar for the next meeting date and time.

It's Relational

Fellowship Groups are more than social gatherings. They’re gospel-centered gatherings where our primary landing point is Jesus. Spending time discussing God’s word, praying for our church, for each other, and our neighbors is what brings us closer together.

We aim to cultivate trusting, truthful, and transparent relationships with one another. The end goal is to help each other apply the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus to our lives.

Fellowship groups meet the first three weeks of each month on in-person and virtually on Tuesdays from 7 PM to 9 PM. For more information, Contact Us or see our CalendarIf you have questions or would like more information about our church or any of our programs, please use our Contact Form anytime. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to see what we’re up to.