Under New Management

Have you ever patronized a struggling business? The products were not of good quality. The customer service was lackluster. The facility was not well kept. Then one day, you see a sign that says “Under New Management.” 

You immediately notice the positive difference when you walk in. What happened? The owner of put a new person in charge according to their standards. 

This is what God, our Creator/Owner, has done in our lives. Jesus has saved us from sin and made us new. He has given us the responsibility of managing our lives in a way that accords with His righteous standards. 

This series will equip you to be a good manager of five major areas of your life.

Taking Care of Yourself 3 John 2

Taking Care of Your Family Ephesians 5:33

Taking Care of Your Neighbor Galatians 6:10

Taking Care of Your Business Genesis 2:15

Taking Care of Your Church Corinthians 1:9-10

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