Names of God

When you hear the name Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, or even your name, what comes to mind? Names not only identify people, but they also point to who a person is, what they have achieved, and what they are able to do.

The Bible mentions a number of names that point to God’s character, ability, and achievements. Let’s get to know God better by learning about His names.

The Most High God (El Elyon) Various Scriptures

God Our Provider (Jehovah Jireh) Various Scriptures

God Our Banner (Jehovah Nissi) Various Scriptures

God Our Sanctifier (Mekoddishkem) Various Scriptures

God Our Shepherd (Jehova-Raah) Psalm 23:1-4

God Our Peace (Jehova-Shalom) Judges 6:24

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